Vestibular system

Pre-Recorded Webinar: Developing Posture and Balance: How to Use the Vestibular Systems to Get the Most Out of Your Movement Interventions

Inger Brueckner, MS, PT

Pre-Recorded Webinar

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The vestibular system.
You know it involves movement…but do you know which of your clients will benefit
from taking advantage of its plasticity?

Learn how common pediatric dysfunctions (ex: CP, meningitis, sepsis, post-cancer treatment, SNHL, cochlear implants and mTBI) affect the vestibular system, and therefore overall development. In addition, some of the seemingly typical children on your caseload might be affected by vestibular differences.

How do you know which ones?

Learn to spot dysfunctional movement patterns, and recognize when to evaluate for vestibular dysfunction. Develop the skills to evaluate all children, of varying ages and abilities, in a quick and objective manner without specialized equipment. Identify the systems that are impacted and relevant treatments.

Using this information, you will learn how to make modifications that will maximize the impact of your treatment. The course will demonstrate multi-sensory interventions to improve postural stability, balance, and gaze stability. Learn concepts that apply to younger children through adolescents that have an array of physical dysfunction and can be incorporated by all disciplines. You will be given straightforward treatment techniques that are easy to adapt and can be used the next day in the classroom.

Inger receives a speaking fee for her presentation. She has no relevant nonfinancial relationships to disclose.

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Learning Objectives
Participants completing this course will be able to:

1.     Relate how damage to the vestibular system early in development can impact function for children in the schools

2.     Recognize observable behavior in these common diagnosis that are appropriate for vestibular rehabilitation

3.     Perform relevant assessments and recognize the systems that are impacted and relevant for treatment

4.     Be able to advance postural and balance activity systematically and use other senses to maximize function

5.     Evaluate the vestibular contribution to gaze stability and design treatment plan to enhance gaze stability using multi-sensory interventions

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Inger Brueckner, MS, PT

INGER BRUECKNER is a renowned expert in the field of vestibular dysfunction and amputee rehabilitation, treating patients across the lifespan from pediatric to geriatric. A skilled and knowledgeable researcher and therapist, Inger has extensive experience working in multi-disciplinary teams that provide cutting-edge, effective, and safe rehabilitation treatments at rehab facilities including Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center and Sky Ridge Medical Center. At Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children’s Center for Concussion, she developed and directs PACER (Progressive Acute Concussion Exertional Rehabilitation). Inger has presented at APTA CSM, published journal articles, developed protocols, and has been invited to speak at conferences throughout the world. She is passionate about providing exceptional and collaborative patient care and sharing her knowledge and experience with the continuing education community.

Inger receives a speaking fee for her presentation. She has no relevant non-financial relationships to disclose.


Pre-Recorded Webinar

Vestibular development and maturation of posture and balance

Vestibular dysfunction including common pediatric diagnosis

Evaluation techniques specifically adapted for children including modifications for ability


Specific vestibular testing modifications and interpretation

Outcome measures

Observing functional activity and posture, balance interventions and advancement sequencing

Activities to stabilize gaze with emphasis on school settings

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Educational Credits

6 contact hours

Approved for 6 contact hours by NYSED’s State Board for PT.

Application has been made to NJBPTE for CE credit approval.

color web&pptTSI is an AOTA Approved Provider of continuing education. AOTA does not endorse specific course content, products, or clinical procedures. Approved by AOTA for .6 CEUs. 6 contact hours, Intermediate Level, Domain of OT: Client Factors.