Sport Specific Rehab: Advanced Topics in Golf Biomechanics and Rehabilitation (DVD)

Russ Paine, PT and Multidisciplinary Faculty


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Product Description

Sport Specific Rehab: Advanced Topics in Golf Biomechanics and Rehabilitation
Russ Paine, PT and Multidisciplinary Faculty 

DVD Course Description:

On September 23, 2007 over 120 physical therapists, occupational therapists and athletic trainers gathered in New York City for this exciting conference, featuring Russ Paine, PT, consultant to many PGA professionals, and a panel of internationally known orthopedic surgeons. The DVD is available for you to view and earn CEUs. 7.5 contact hours.

This comprehensive DVD course covers both evaluation and treatment of golf injuries. A review of non-surgical and surgical interventions as well as post-surgical pathways for specific golf injuries are presented to provide the clinician with knowledge and skills that have immediate take-home application and value. Topics include swing mechanics, injury pathology, treatment, equipment, and return to sport.

• Biomechanics of the Golf Swing
• Assessment of Individual Flexibility and Strength for Golf
• EMG Activity of Target Muscles During the Golf Swing
• Injuries While Playing Golf
• Treatment of Golfing Injuries
• Altering Golf Swing to Accommodate Pre-Existing Injuries
• Arthritis and Golf

Distinguished Faculty:

Keynote Speaker:
Russ Paine, PT
received his degree in Physical Therapy from Texas Women’s University.  He trained for 6 years with David Drez, MD, well known for his skill as a knee and shoulder surgeon and sports medicine specialist.  Russ’ special interests include injuries to the knee and shoulder, as well as golfing injuries and conditioning.  His client list includes many professional athletes that have sought his expertise to help them recover to their prior level of function.  Russ has served as a rehabilitation consultant to the Houston Rockets, Houston Astros, and NASA.  He has lectured at over 500 presentations in the U.S. and abroad and has published 20 chapters in textbooks and over 50 papers in peer review journals.

Brian Hainline, MD
• Clinical Associate Professor of Neurology, NYU School of Medicine
• Chief, Neurology and Integrative Pain Medicine, ProHEALTH Care Associates
• Chief Medical Officer, US Open Tennis Championships

Kenneth Montgomery, MD
• Associate Orthopedic Surgeon, NY Islanders and NY Jets
• Orthopedic Surgeon, ProHEALTH Care Associates, LLP and Lenox Hill Hospital

Andrew Rokito, MD 
• Associate Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, NYU School of Medicine
• Chief of Shoulder Service, NYU-Hospital for Joint Diseases, Dept. of Orthopedic Surgery
• Associate Chief of Sportsmedicine Service

Learning Objectives:

Following completion of this DVD course, participants will be able to:

  1. Assess the golfer for weaknesses and flexibility.
  2. Develop a strength and conditioning program specifically for golf.
  3. Outline a treatment protocol for the arthritic golfer.
  4. Have a basic knowledge of the various types of golf swings.
  5. Have a working knowledge of common golf injuries and their treatment.
  6. Understand rotator cuff pathology, clinical evaluation, and surgical treatment.
  7. Discuss common wrist injuries in golfers, non-operative and operative management, and appropriate PT precautions during rehabilitation.
  8. Differentiate nociceptive from neuropathic pain and myofascial from mechanical pain.
  9. Understand the relationship and differences among deep rotator strain, lumbar discogenic pain and facet pain.
  10. Understand management options for back pain in the golfer.

Target Audience:

This intensive DVD course is directed to the experienced clinician involved in the care and rehabilitation of the injured athlete. The primary target audience includes physical and occupational therapists, athletic trainers, and other professionals.

Course Level:

The level of this DVD course is Intermediate to Advanced. It is assumed that participants are familiar with basic knowledge of the areas covered.

DVD Course Format:

50 minutes  Overview Golf Swing Mechanics Related to Muscle Function and Injuries – Russ Paine, PT
35 minutes  Wrist/Forearm Injuries to the Golfer: Pathology and Non-Operative Treatment – Russ Paine, PT
30 minutes  Common Wrist Injuries in Golf – Kenneth Montgomery, MD
50 minutes  Scapular Mechanics in the Golfer: Evaluation and Treatment – Russ Paine, PT
50 minutes  Shoulder Pathology in the Golfer: Swing Changes and Non-Operative Treatment Techniques – Russ Paine, PT
30 minutes  Surgical Treatment of Rotator Cuff Injuries, Including Physical Therapy Considerations – Andrew Rokito, MD
50 minutes  Effect of Golf Swing Mechanics on Lumbar Spine, Core Treatment and Strengthening Techniques for the Golfer – Russ Paine,PT
30 minutes  Management of Back Injuries in the Golfer – Brain Hainline, MD
60 minutes 

Treatment of Knee Pathology in the Golfer – Russ Paine, PT
Arthritic Golfer
Swing/Stance Changes

35 minutes  Equipment Changes to Supplement Return to Golf With an Injury – Russ Paine, PT
30 minutes  Panel Discussions


Educational Credits:

7.5 contact hours. Certificates will be awarded.

Recognized by the NY State Education Department’s State Board for Physical Therapy as an approved provider of physical therapy and physical therapy assistant continuing education.   Approved for .75 CEUs. 

TSI is an AOTA Approved Provider of continuing education. AOTA does not endorse specific course content, products, or clinical procedures. Approved by AOTA for .75 CEUs.


  • $100.00; includes DVD, post-test, and certificate of completion  
  • $25.00; course manual (includes copies of all power-point slides shown on DVD). Manuals may only be purchased in combination with DVD. Manuals are not being sold individually. 
  • Each additional viewer wanting CEUs: $35.00; includes post-test and certificate of completion.

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