13. Hypotonia Through the Years – Volume I & Volume II (DVD)

Barbara Hypes, PT


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Product Description

Hypotonia Through the Years – Volumes I & II

Barbara Hypes, PT 

DVD Description:

Length of DVDs: Each DVD is 90 minutes

One child is observed from 31 months until 23 years of age.  These DVDs include highlights in the development of a child who has a primary diagnosis of congenital hypotonia of unknown etiology.

Kelsey was referred to all therapies at 11 months with a diagnosis of congenital hypotonia of unknown etiology.  She was delivered vaginally at term in 1984 following an uneventful pregnancy.  Kelsey was the second of four children and the only sibling to present with developmental abnormalities.  Her parents recall that the doctors felt Kelsey would probably not develop the control to hold up her head, sit or move herself independently due to the degree of hypotonicity she demonstrated as an infant. 

Until age 3, Kelsey received PT/OT/Speech and education 1-2 times weekly.  She transitioned to therapies in the school at the age of three.  Parents pursued private PT in addition to school and the editing therapist continued to follow her 2-4 times monthly until 17 years of age.  Coordination with school activities as well as home carryover were strongly emphasized in home based private therapy.  At 17, Kelsey moved to a residential facility for adults with developmental disabilities where she resides to date.  

As the primary treating therapist in these sessions, it is not Barbara’s goal to judge the outcomes or decisions regarding intervention provided Kelsey through the years.  Rather, it is her hope that therapists working with children who present with hypotonia may learn strategies they can use in their sessions from watching the activities shown.  Each individual that views the footage is encouraged to draw their own conclusions regarding intervention techniques, frequency and access to therapy.  Sharing these conclusions with colleagues and families may promote discussion and problem solving around unique situations.

It is reassuring to keep in mind that as an adult, Kelsey has minimal pathology, is comfortable in her body, is loved, well cared for and content.

Learning Objectives:

The observer will:

  1. View the same child at multiple ages and stages throughout her development from infancy to adult.
  2. See what patterns of control have persisted and how these patterns are helping or hindering her acquisition and use of motor control.
  3. Determine if the motor system stays the primary challenge to using the motor system or if processing deficits and overall understanding of movement become a bigger challenge as she ages. 
  4. Learn about the challenges and compensations that occur throughout development when a person has a significant degree of hypotonia.

Educational Credits:

3 contact hours.  Certificates will be awarded.

Recognized by the NY State Education Department’s State Board for Physical Therapy as an approved provider of physical therapy and physical therapy assistant continuing education.   Approved for .3 CEUs. 

TSI is an AOTA Approved Provider of continuing education. AOTA does not endorse specific course content, products, or clinical procedures. Approved by AOTA for .3 CEUs.


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