05. Treating a Child Who Has Plagiocephaly and Asymmetric Head Turning (DVD)

Barbara Hypes, PT

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Product Description

Treating a Child Who Has Plagiocephaly and Asymmetric Head Turning

Barbara Hypes, PT 

DVD Description:

Length of DVD: 52 minutes

This DVD will show one therapy session of a child who has plagiocephaly and asymmetric head turning.  He was referred to therapy for evaluation after his 8-week well baby check when his head shape and strong preferred head turning had not resolved.  He was fitted with a Dynamic Orthotic Cranioplasty Band (DOC Band) and began physical therapy 2 times weekly at 11 weeks.  At the time of this session, he is 6 months old.  Mother is very informed and understands home carryover activities as well as their importance.  When observing this session the viewer will be exposed to a variety of therapy techniques as well as the following:

  • Parent therapist interaction for education about the child’s condition as well as home carryover suggestions.
  • Different therapy approaches to stretching the neck musculature.
  • Discussions on subtle other problems present as secondary conditions with these two problems.

Learning Objectives:

The observer will:

  1. Understand why the entire body must be treated when an infant presents with neck asymmetry.
  2. Understand the difference between the objectives in using a helmet vs. the goals in using a D.O.C. band in treating plagiocephaly.
  3. Learn why this child is considered to have neck asymmetry rather than a true torticollis.
  4. Learn how to stretch when it is not occurring passively by applying direct pressure to the tight structure.

Educational Credits:

1 contact hour.  Certificates will be awarded.

Recognized by the NY State Education Department’s State Board for Physical Therapy as an approved provider of physical therapy and physical therapy assistant continuing education.   Approved for .1 CEU. 

TSI is an AOTA Approved Provider of continuing education. AOTA does not endorse specific course content, products, or clinical procedures. Approved by AOTA for .1 CEU.


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